Founded in 2004, our company produces home textiles. SDR home collection has an outstanding international export product range, all of which are spreading worldwide reputations for superior quality and reliability. It also offers you excellent service to give your space the “that” look you have always wanted. Our products are produced in our factories, sewn and packaged in our workshops and delivered to dealers.

While SDRHOME is based on fair and tight competition; We respect the rights of our customers, suppliers, competitors and employees. Our goal is to get ahead of our competitors in a fair and ethical manner.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: With the awareness that satisfying our customers is our primary duty, we take care to understand their expectations correctly. We adopt this behavior as a fundamental value to create a positive environment in which our customers, to whom we offer the best products and services, will feel valuable and will want to establish a long-term relationship with us.

EFFICIENCY: High personal efficiency is undoubtedly one of the biggest factors that bring success in today’s world where there are many jobs to be done and time is relatively less. The best efficiency in external life depends on continuous learning, self-improvement, using the right tools, in the right way, at the right time, and adopting effective and flexible working methods. In parallel with this, we adopt personnel training as a fundamental value in order for our employees to constantly renew themselves and to be more efficient for our customers.

EMPLOYEE HAPPINESS: We create the necessary conditions for our employees to improve themselves, we create competent employees who pursue common goals with a team spirit, and we adopt it as a fundamental value to distribute the created values fairly without discrimination, taking into account their happiness.

QUALITY ORIENTED: We believe in the need to increase efficiency and competitiveness as the most important success factor for our organization’s sustainable growth and increase the economic value it creates, we believe in the importance of quality, innovation and change to be a leader in competition, we adopt continuous improvement and excellence as a fundamental value.

RESPONSIBILITY: Responsibility, with the thought of the individual “I can also do something to make the future better”; It is the ability to put forth its opportunities, time, labor, knowledge and experience for a personal or social purpose. The most important indicator of responsibility is that the person has an intrinsic motivation and acts spontaneously. In a community with individuals with individual responsibility, individuals who focus on the goals of the community and take initiative in this direction constitute the basic dynamic of development and progress. As a company, we adopt that we are responsible to our customers as a fundamental value.



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