Bürümcük Chair Cover (With Skirt-Without Skirt)

> Chair Cover Bürümcük Single Cover

> All Made in Turkey by 100% handwork

> Made of cotton yarn with lycra

> Chair cover with crepe and elastic

> With its flexible structure, it can be dressed in any size chair.

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> Provides a comfortable use thanks to its soft texture.
> Does not harden over time.
> It can be washed with colored detergent in the washing machine at 30 degrees without wringing.

-Bürümcük chair cover is packed 6 pieces in one.

-1.Quality Crepe Lycra Fabric

-It is long and wide lycra.

-It has a flexible and soft structure.

It is a product that you can easily use without covering your old chairs.

Washable at -30 degrees.

– It is suitable for use at home, office, restaurant, buffet, wedding party.

-Our company has various models and various colors.

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