1 kg Bead Silicone Pillow

Bead Silicone washing instructions. Wash by hand or in washing machine with plenty of water at 30 degrees. Do not keep it wet and do not use bleach. Keep dark colors separate during washing. You can dry them in a tumble dryer at low speed. Hope you have a good day ..

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Product Sizes

Pillow: 50 x 70 cm

-Fill material Silicone Bead Fiber

– Its weight is 1000 (1kg) grams.

-You can safely use our filled pillows made of beaded silicone fiber in your homes.

-Our pads never cause felting and creep due to the feature of bead fiber.

-It provides a comfortable and peaceful sleep by following your movements during sleep.

-You can wash our filled pillows at 30 degrees.

You can use our full pillows that you can safely use in your homes, in hotels, hostels, dormitories and kindergartens.

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