Double Quilt

The model, whose filling content is pure silicon, thus ensures a healthy and long-lasting use and prevents the feeling of heaviness that may occur during sleep. The product also stands out with its smooth and satin-like outer surface. Thanks to this, the product, which has an aesthetic design, offers its owners comfortable and comfortable moments.

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For Hygienic, Fresh and Soft Sleep

Offering an ideal size for double beds with 195 x 215 cm dimensions, the quilt model can meet the needs of two people at the same time with its large surface.


Product Sizes

Quilt: 195 x 215 cm

-Both surfaces of the silicone filled quilt are made of 100% cotton fabric.
-300 Gr High Quality Silicone Fiber was used per square meter in the filling.
-It has air permeability.
Protects your body heat.
-Does not sweat.
– Chemicals containing carcinogenic substances were not used in the manufacture of the quilt and silicon.

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