Single Mattress

It extends the life of the bearings thanks to its micro soft surface and waterproof membrane.
It is also suitable for hospital beds and baby beds.
Its upper surface is polyester and very soft.

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Product Sizes

Mattress: 100 x 200 cm

Liquid-proof mattresses can be washed with white fabrics at 60 degrees. Liquid-proof mattresses are a simple to use, healthy and hygienic product that protects the mattress from 100% liquid.

-Double Liquid Proof Mattress: 160 x 200 cm

It extends the life of your mattress as it is covered with PU membrane that completely prevents dust, dirt, moisture and liquid.

-Liquid-proof mattress provides a comfortable and comfortable sleep with its breathable feature.

-It is easy to use.

-It does not require ironing and it is recommended to lay dry.

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