3 + 3 + 1 + 1 Bürümcük Sofa Cover (With Skirt-Without Skirt)

> Cover for 2 Triple Seats Cover for 2 Single Seats
> The New Face of Your Home …
> Preserves the Original Shape of the Seat by Wrapping the Seat with a Pleasant Design.
> It Fits Many Models Easily With Its Flexible Width And Length.
> Leaving and slipping is prevented from the sides and rear sides of the seat.
> We Wish Our Products To Be A New Face Of Your Home, We Hope You To Use It On A Good Day.
> The Difference Between Maxi Model And Standard Model Is Not Only The Number Of Seat.

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Seat Side Arms are Straight in Pull-Yacht Style in Maxi Model, while Seat Side Arms are Curved Upward in Standard Model.

Easily Disassembled and Installed.

Does Not Shrink And Fading If The Washing Instructions Are Followed.

Machine Washable at 30C.

Bleach is not used.

It can be washed with soap powder or colormatik Does not contain antiallergic-carcinogenic dye. It wraps the seat and preserves the original shape of the seat.

Because the fabric is flexible, it fits many models easily.

Thanks to the Rubber Apparatus Applied to the Entry Points, the Covering is prevented from coming off and slipping.

Product Features

– Preserves the original shape of the seat by wrapping the seat with a nice design.

– It fits the model easily with its flexibility in width and length.

– Since it wraps around the seat from the sides and rear edges, it is prevented from exiting and slipping.

– Absolutely no sagging tire

– It can be easily removed and installed.

– No pulling fading

– 30 ° machine washable.

– Do not use bleach.

– It can be washed with colormatik and soap powder.

– With the compression sponges on the back and sides, the cover is prevented from coming off and slipping.

Product Content

2 triple sofa bed cover

2 single sofa bed cover covers

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