Single Quilt

The quilt sets, which meet the lightness you are looking for with special patterns and silicone fiber filling, feature cotton weaving. The weight of the quilts that can be easily washed by machine or by hand is 350 gr / m2. Silicone duvet will keep your body temperature at the highest level in winter.

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One of the most important factors affecting sleep patterns is the pillows we choose. The pillows you choose play an important role in the discomfort that may occur in the neck area.


Product Sizes

Quilt: 155 x 215 cm

-Both surfaces of the silicone filled quilt are made of 100% cotton fabric.
-300 Gr High Quality Silicone Fiber was used per square meter in the filling.
-It has air permeability.
Protects your body heat.
-Does not sweat.
– Chemicals containing carcinogenic substances were not used in the manufacture of the quilt and silicon.

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